Musical Friday concerts Labyrinth

From 28th of June and every Friday enjoy The Musical Friday concerts  Labyrinth
Labyrinth garden at Houthetsi

The Musical Workshop Labyrinth, in cooperation with the Municipality of Archanes-Asteroussia, invites you yet again this year on a journey of 11 concerts/encounters with some of the world’s most remarkable musical traditions.

Beginning on Friday the 28th of June, and every Friday up until the 6th of September, the garden of Labyrinth will be ready to host you for its well-known “Musical Friday Concerts

Concerts begin at 9:30 pm with admission free.From 28th of June and every Friday –  in Houdetsi! Here is the programm of the Musical Friday Concerts.

The Musical Workshop “Labyrinth” was launched in 1982 by Ross Daly (artistic director of MWL) as a creative group of friends whose aim was that of exploring various modal musical traditions from around the world, as well as of the potential for creative interaction between them.

Labyrinth is more than a musical workshop, it is a way of life through music…”

Labyrinth’s goal is the initiation of primarily young people into a creative approach to traditional musical idioms from various parts of the world. It is a meeting point for musicians and students and it is widely recognized as a leading force with respect to education, in the field of modal and traditional music in general.

Foivos and Athina Villas

Compine your stay at Foivos and Athina villas with your participation in one of the Musical Workshop “Labyrinth” every Friday.

Enjoy the Cretan Hospitality and traditional music.


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