Gamping or Camping

Is Gamping something new?

Gamping is for everyone!

Surprisingly, Gamping has not overshadowed traditional camping. Gamping offers a safe environment and hikers and other travellers know where they will spend the night, before they set off.  Wi-Fi, toilets and kitchen facilities are usually available to campers. In short, all the benefits of camping are now accessible in locations which were not necessarily designed for the activity.  Over this summer Gamping has continued to make impressive progress, not only throughout the gardens and meadows of France, but also in the global media, which is now paying them close attention.

How gamping begins

One summer’s evening, Joseph Leopold returned from his holiday to find himself stuck outside his house without his keys. There was no-one home and it’s not like Joseph to smash a glass door. Instead, the holiday maker decided to pitch his tent between the vegetable garden and the patio. 

” To my great surprise, I had an enjoyable night. I had tomatoes from the garden, I could connect to the house Wi-Fi, I was on private land, and I was allowed to be there! “ Joseph has always camped in the wilderness during his holidays. The problem is that in his home country of France, as in plenty of other foreign countries, this type of travel is not really accepted and often forbidden. ” Each time, we would find ourselves in places with no official camping zone, so we would just sleep wherever. We were used to being woken up every morning by the police “ It was during my night camping in the garden that I came up with the idea for Gamping, a website which advertises thousands of private spaces which owners have agreed to rent to campers for a few days.

Minoan Camping and Gamping

Minoancamping is the first Gamping area in Greece.Located in Melesses village offers a unique enviroment for your Holidays.Try it!

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