Archanes-The most colorful village of Crete

Archanes Village

Archanes is a small town in east Crete.It is 14 kilometers away from the city and the airport of Heraklion.Only 7 kilometers from the Palace of Knossos the  area of Arhanes is most significant for its numerous archaeological sites.

Archanes the most colorful village of Crete
Archanes the most colorful village of Cretevities


During your stay at Foivos and Athina Villas  you will keep your days full of activities. Visits at the Minoan, Byzantine and Folklore museums to discover the local history.Strolls through the narrow streets of the old town. The multitude of traditional and historic buildings, scattered across the town will simply enchant you!

Traditional cafe in Archanes village
Traditional cafe in Archanes village
Amazing hospitallity in Archanes village
Amazing hospitallity in Archanes village

Visit the various restaurants and taverns at the central square to discover the world famous Cretan cuisine.Don’t forget to taste the exquisite Arhanes wines. Discover the methods the people of yester Crete used to produce their precious products, wine and olive oil.Visit the traditional olive and wine presses. Why not participate in the summer harvesting of grapes during the celebration of the Archanes Farmer Festival and many more cultural activities.

For those of you that prefer trekking and walks in the nature, there’s a lot to choose from: walk up to the sacred mountain, Jioukta, where according to ancient mythology, Zeus, the father of Gods and Humans has been buried. Walk along E4, the European trail to the Silamiano gorge under the thick shade of oaks and sycamores and climb on the Fourni hill, where you’ll walk in a scenic pine wood and visit the ancient necropolis.

The colorful village has been prized by the European Union as model for residential development. You could visit the museums of the town and discover the region’s history through the findings of the Minoan and Byzantine Era.Don’t forget to folk art exhibits. Also many wonderful architectural buildings and Byzantine churches affirm the designation of Arhanes as an ideal traditional settlement.

Give us the chance to introduce you the most beautiful and colorful village of Crete.

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