What is special about Minoan Camping or Foivos and Athina Villas is the rich programme of artistic, sporting and musical events and activities. You are bound to find something that interests you among our many activities, from wellness, and sports to arts events for young and old.

For our younger friends there are unforgettable children’s entertainment programmes. As well as the big playground, there is the children’s cinemaand the everyday educational programme,the olympic games programme , plus crafts workshops where experienced and friendly instructors encourage the children in creative play. With such a full programme for children, we provide entertainment for the whole family to enrich their summer vacation.

A healthy mind in a healthy body
​Unlike many camp sites, Minoan Camping offers a wide variety of musical,cultural and sporting events. There are also special programmes for rest and relaxation, including morning exercise, pilates, aerobics ,yoga and krav maga lessons. For evening entertainment there is the open-air cinema, as well as all sorts of seminars and the occasional concert.

​Despite all the activities available at the site, you would be well advised to get out as well and explore the surrounding countryside. There are all sorts of wonderful experiences to be enjoyed – such as walking or cycling through the olive groves. In fact, the whole of Crete is waiting to be explored, with thousands of things to do and places to see.

Details of walking trails and excursions are available at the  reception.

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